• Strength

    the ability to respond in an open and vulnerable way in the face of intense emotional experience, feeling one's way deeper into the emotion which allows access to implicit functional processes driving action.


    One-of-a-kind, handmade 108 bead moonstone wrap Mala bracelet with petite amethyst knotted gemstones. 📿 This mala is made to wrap the wrist 4-5 times or to be worn as a necklace. 
    This bracelet has a beautiful sterling silver feather as it grants the wearer; strength and growth, as well as hope and freedom. 🧿


    Moonstone & Amethyst grant the wearer;
    ❣️Strength for Inner Growth 
    ❣️Sooths Emotional Instability & Stress 
    ❣️Enhanses Intuition 
    ❣️Promotoes, Inspiration, Love, Business, Success & Good Fortune 
    ❣️Dispell Anger & Rage, Dissolving All Negativity


    Affirm: I am strong. I am strong enough to sit with my honest emotions. I am worthy of self-love and happiness. I have the strength to embrace all positive and dispel all negativity. I am strong. ♥️


    Always handmade, always one-of-a-kind, always unique. Just like you. ✨


    Soul of a Gypsy Jewelry

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