• Pure

    free of any contamination.


    One-of-a-kind, handmade turquoise wrap Mala bracelet with dainty whiskey quartz knotted beads. 📿
    This bracelet has a beautiful sterling silver set of winds as it reminds the wearer of their personal spiritual freedom. 🧿
    108 Turquoise beads make up this 36" long wrap bracelet with a 3.5" extension.


    Turquoise & Quartz grant the wearer;
    ❣️Purification & Release of Negativity 
    ❣️Balance of Emotions & Physical Processes 
    ❣️Keeps you Grounded During Difficult Energy Work
    ❣️Protection from Darkness 
    ❣️Letting Go


    Affirm: I release all energies that are less than love. I remained firmly grounded during these times and remember who I truly am. I am pure. All negative energies peaceful leave my essence. I am pure. ♥️


    Always handmade, always one-of-a-kind, always unique. Just like you. ✨


    Soul of a Gypsy Jewelry

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