• Passion

    strong and barely controllable emotion.


    One-of-a-kind, handmade coral Mala necklace with lapis knotted beads. 📿
    A silk turquoise tassel finishes this 43" coral mala necklace.🧿All findings are sterling silver.


    Coral & Lapis grant the wearer;
    ❣️Increased Passion Towards Lifes Purpose & Your One True Purpose 
    ❣️Repellest Negative Energies 
    ❣️Balance & Relaxation 
    ❣️Increased Self-Love & Self-Confidence
    ❣️Clairty to Inner Truth
    ❣️Inner Power for Manifestations 


    Affirm: I am on the journey to finding my soul's passion. I see my life's passion clearer every day. I live passionately and am worthy of living a life overflowing with love, happiness, and passion. ♥️


    Always handmade, always one-of-a-kind, always unique. Just like you. ✨


    Soul of a Gypsy Jewelry