• Heal

    become sound or healthy again, alleviate a person's distress.


    One-of-a-kind, handmade serpentine Mala necklace with jade knotted beads. 📿
    Finished with a silk black tassel and sterling silver findings.🧿


    Serpentine & Jade grant the wearer;
    ❣️Assists the Conscious Direction of Healing Energy Toward Problem Areas
    ❣️Corrects Mental & Emotional Imbalances
    ❣️Helps You Feel More in Control of Your Life
    ❣️Promotes Harmoney 
    ❣️Increases Sence of Self-Worthiness & Self-Love
    ❣️Assists in the Release of Negativity 


    Affirm: I am focused on my healing. Although my diamonds are difficult to face, I show up daily with strength & courage and knowing, I will bring them into the light. I am worthy of a life of happiness and love. I am focused on my own inner strength. ♥️


    Always handmade, always one-of-a-kind, always unique. Just like you. ✨


    Soul of a Gypsy Jewelry