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I am Nadine. Just like many women out there, I have a story to tell to help encourage future generations of women to be stronger. 

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My Story

It seems like many women today are coming forth with their stories of abusive marriages,
negative relationships and traumatic experiences. I am a big supporter of every woman
expressing their stories in a safe and supportive way. Our mothers and generation past have
been repressed for far too long both publicly and privately. It is our legacy to improve and
empower our girls going forth.

In 2012, I decided to end a 22 year marriage. I believed that myself and my two daughters
deserved better, no matter how difficult the path was that lie before us...and it was difficult. It did
not end in a 7 year legal battle and trial, the battle raged on another 3 years and threats of yet
another trial loomed, we didn't know when we would be free and feel at peace... My daughters
and I were war torn and in constant crisis mode, we were all so traumatized by the whole
ordeal. In the midst of all the chaos, my mother became ill with cancer and gradually slipped
away from us. My mother was the matriarch of our family and one of my biggest supporters, her
battle with cancer was one of the most painful traumas yet.

It was the support of my parent and my two daughters that gave me the strength and resilience to march
on, I was so fortunate to have these wonderful beings in my life holding me up. I know now that
if not for them it would have been so much more difficult. It was a long haul but we we were
able to move forward into freedom and create the life we deserve.

Along that arduous journey we encountered some incredible women who lent us their
supported, strength and tenuous spirits. Again holding us up and elevating us all the while
reminding me that my girls were watching and learning.

I was so grateful to these wonderful women that in honour of them, I did a branding launch with my
meditation rings named after each of these incredible ladies. So other women could wear these
strong women's names and carry forward their amazing qualities.

This branding launch was so successful, it allowed me to work my business full time and
support myself, my two daughters, our two doodles, and finally myself and my daughters move
out of the matrimonial home we were being held hostage in.

So thank you all so very much who supported us during this time! I hope you continue to wear
the qualities of the strongest, most amazing women I have had the pleasure of meeting.
In 2018, I found myself really struggling emotionally after the severe trauma my girls and I went
through. With the support of my loved ones and these amazing ladies from my launch, I came
back with a new outlook. I was stronger, happier, more loving, more open, and more determined
than ever.

Just like you, I am here to live my life to the fullest. I am here to be happy. I am here to love
from the deepest part of my heart. I am here to smile till my cheeks hurt. I am here to embrace
life to its fullest.

So I am pleased to announce, meditation rings with a fresh new outlook.
They are for the strong women working through the pain. These are for those who are working
towards balance and happiness. These are for the women who are loving from the deepest,
more vulnerable part of their soul. These rings, are for the women who keep on growing
regardless of how many time they get knocked down and keep getting up. These rings are for
you. Reading this right now. Because even though I don't know who you are, my soul believes
in you, supports you, and treasures you. You are valued, and you are loved.

There is no better way to say this than; you got this girl.

Love always,
Soul of a Gypsy Jewelry


Questions? Please contact me.

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