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Fatima's Story
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Fatima (daughter of the Holy Prophet Mohammed) was cooking helva in the garden when suddenly the door opened and her husband the Caliph Ali entered, along with him, his new concubine (slave-girl) bride.  Fatima was deeply grieved and in her confusion dropped the wooden spoon she was using.  Unaware, she continued stirring the halvah with her hand.   Due to the grief in her heart, she never felt the pain of her hand mixing the hot halvah. Thus, it is from that day "the hand of Fatima" has been used in the Islamic world as a symbol of patience, compassion and faithfulness.   The story continues; when the concubine bride and Ali, the groom go into their wedding room, Fatima, could not help herself from watching the couple thru a tiny little hole in the wooden floor from her room on the second floor.  In her depair, Fatima's tear drops fell on Ali's  shoulder and stopped him.   Hence, the incorporation of the tear drop into the necklace.

Each hand has a message for humankind.  The Hand of Fatima is a symbol of the message; carrying spiritual and mystical meaning.  This hand could be a hand of light showing humankind the way to brightness and peace.  It could also be a hand which directs our attention to inner spirituality.

The Hindu yoga and in Feng Shui there are 5 elements, Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Metal.  These elements are represented in the figures of the hand as well.


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